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Single stone pendant sets – A Shiny Flare!

We all love diamond stones and the SilverShine community of shoppers has always appreciated anything that has diamond studded stones which are Solitaire stones or American diamonds. Either ways, the community has always enjoyed such dazzling collections may it be of just earrings or even on single stone pendant sets.

So what are single stone pendant sets after all?

Well, to explain that we need you to visualize a little. Imagine the immaculate Kohinoor diamond. The mighty diamond is one of the most marvellous pieces of the world on the crown of Queen Elizabeth. The Kohinoor is a singleton diamond and so are several other famous diamonds. They are all very unique. Now suppose if Kohinoor was instead of a single stone were a series of diamonds or maybe a group of diamonds then it’d never be unique since all those different diamonds would never stay together in a single place. This happens because once a single diamond is broken into pieces or has many parts already, then business opportunity grows and it becomes difficult to keep them together.

Similarly SilverShine truly appreciates single stone pendant sets since these truly spark a ray of flawless singularity. Their shine remains constantly attractive since there is no other diamond stone to be distracted by that is placed right besides the single stone pendant sets.

Hence single stone pendant sets are a set where the earrings and the pendant are made from only one crystal stone. These express impeccable grace and unquestionably impart a sense of luxury to the beholder.

Why SilverShine for Single stone pendant sets?

I as a writer for SilverShine working and knowing and having watched their protocols of exactitude can easily tell you that their single stone pendant sets are built with precision cut stones and are built with high quality materials which makes it absolutely exclusive, but isn’t that what all jewelry webstores say?

I don’t mean to say that our quality of material in single stone pendant sets is inferior but never does SilverShine flaunt and claim anything without justifying it!

The single stone pendant sets at SilverShine undergo some of the most gruelling trend and quality check tests that one could ever imagine. Beginning from the selections set, the process germinates with the duties of a selections officer who is responsible for eyeing through numerous designs and handpicking the designs that they find attractive. A single team of selectors consists of several selection officers that work in coordination. After the accumulation of several designs they then create “the first draft”. This first draft is then handed over to the Trends and Aesthetics officers. These are trained professionals that earn a livelihood only by understanding the ongoing trends of fashion. They discard several designs on the basis of a rating process where they rank the single stone pendant sets from 1 to 5. Any single stone pendant set design that does not get a rating of 4 or above is discarded immediately. Any single stone pendant set design that gets a rating of 3.5 is considered under “impressions” 3.5 rating being the only exception. The further lower ones are most definitely discarded immediately This narrows down the list and a “Second Draft” is created. The “Second Draft” undergoes some of the most stringent quality test that we earlier spoke about.

The single stone pendant sets in the “Second Draft” undergo a series of quality tests of durability, scratchability and skin-friendliness.

Durability Test: Here the single stone pendant sets are literally mauled to make them reach to their breaking points. The strength applied on them is a result of calculative force. The peak tensile strength of the beautiful single stone pendant sets.

Scratchability: 10 different picks of 10 different minerals in increasing scale of hardness are used to scratch different surfaces of the single stone pendant sets depending on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness.

Skin-friendly test: This test is pretty self explanatory, and here the single stone pendant sets are tested for human skin-friendliness.
Creating Happiness! Delivering Happiness!

Once a shopper has confirmed an order for single stonependant setswith SilverShine his/her piece(s) are taken from the inventory of SilverShine and carefully packaged in a clean environment and delivered through UPS which is one of the most veteran delivery organisation all across the United States of America.