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Rose silver pendant set – The purest form of Love!

Rose silver pendant set are some of the most tantalizing and beautiful necklaces of all kinds. The iPhone 6S is one of the most beautiful phones till date. Even today some are using their beautiful rose coloured phone. It was the 6S with which Steve Jobbs first announced this colour. And guess what happened! The internet went mad! Everything from shoes to accessories began to be created in this colour. Considering the fact that the colour only resembles a single kind of rose and rose has always been related to a dark red colour.

Our gorgeous and ever-growing community needed a bit of a change. For this we introduced rose silver pendant set. SilverShine remembers the day they placed them live for our shoppers and within a week the entire collection which took months to create just flew off our shelves and we just had no option but to re-stock the rose silver pendant set. Atleast the SilverShine community certainly loves the rose silver pendant set that is something that I can definitely guarantee you.

SilverShine believes in an open dialogue and always makes an effort to ask qualitative questions to willing shoppers about their lives. This helps us understand them a little more and makes us aware of any general problems that they might be going through that we can solve through our jewellery.

These qualitative feedbacks brought us to the fact that majority of our shoppers love going on romantic dates where they are dressed well. Rose silver pendant set were introduced with an effort to make them feel beautiful and confident at these events and occasions. The intimate rose colour is very attractive and elegant at the same time and gives girls that have a character that lacks approachability a window of opportunity to seem a little more approachable. The single ladies get good dates at times thanks to our rose silver pendant set, while those in a relationship feel beautiful on their anniversaries and outings.

The Chosen Ones!
SilverShine has always believed in planned systems and methods in order to completely steer free off any kinds of surprises. Our proactive teams believe in completing the process in a simulator that is nearly as close to the actual process as possible. This helps us understand what the whole process is before actually making it live to our community shoppers. Hence the process is a completely bug free, loop hole free experience for our shoppers.

The creation of our collections starts with a team called the selections team. This team filters through thousands of designs of rose silver pendant set on a daily basis. They then create first version of the designs of rose silver pendant set that are handpicked and considered speckless.

The process progresses with the first version reaching the hands of a team called the Fashion analyst team. This team is responsible for approving any item and discarding any item based on its fashion quotient. If any item is not vogue enough for our shoppers it is immediately discarded without second thoughts.

Finally the rose silver pendant sets undergo three major quality control examinations.

Durability or Strength
Scratch tests
Safety for human skin

After undergoing all these tests, the surviving designs of rose silver pendant set are finally uploaded on our web-store portal to make it available to our shoppers. This kind of exclusivity is simply unmatched by the market right now. Inspite of performing this entire process on a regular basis the price of our impeccable rose silver pendant set remains lower than that of our competitors.

Packaging, Safety and Delivery
Once you have confirmed your order on the web-store, your precious silver rose necklace is carefully packaged in a clean environment to avoid any external contaminants. We care for not just the safety of the necklace but also the safety of the person wearing them.

Here at SilverShine we truly believe in a word that we want our shoppers to be the first ones that touch their precious selections. For this we have partnered with the most veteran company of conveyance in all across of the US. UPS (United Parcel Service) has more than a million deliveries on a daily basis to handle that it does effortlessly. This gives our community and us the relaxation of the delivery of the beautiful rose silver pendant set in a timely, accurate and safe manner.

30 Days!! What really?
Yes, we have understood time and again, that people need some time to understand whether their rose silver pendant set will stand the test of time, or whether they noticed something after a few days of ordering it which is a complete turn off toward the silver rose necklace. SilverShine genuinely understands that these kinds of things can happen. And for this has kept a 30 day return policy in place for our shoppers to be able easily order without caring much. The return policy only allows you to exchange and not return the silver rose necklace as the amount is credited to your SilverShine account as points for you to be able to make a different purchase. It may be a carefree solution, but some solution will remain for us too right. If you’d like to find out in detail about our Return Policy please kind check the “Return Policy” link in the footer of our website.

Finally, we are very proud and appreciative of the love and support that we have received from this ever-growing community may it be for our unique silver rose necklace collection or any other jewellery. We are a small team of individuals working round the clock to give services like the giants, and have been able to achieve milestone success. This strength of this community has made us strong enough to compete with the industry giants today. We will continue to serve our community for if it weren’t for them we’d simply cease to exist.