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Pearl Earrings – A timeless style

A derivative of some of the most beautiful earring designs are pearls. The quixotic pearls re-define structure of earrings in a completely different manner. True pearl earrings are extremely expensive since it takes very skilled divers to find a hand ful of pearls on a daily basis. True pearls are created within clam shells as a result of a foreign particle entering the clam. The true pearl is sincerely created as a defence mechanism towards the foreign particle by the mollusc inside the clam.
SilverShine has always relied on its problem solving skills for its community shoppers. True pearl earrings are extremely expensive, and are simply not suitable for its fashion frenzy shoppers. Hence SilverShine provides pearl earrings made from other bead materials and plastic. SilverShine makes some of the most beautiful pearl earrings for its community shoppers and makes it a point that they aren’t old designs that are some of the most common and mundane. Here we always try to push the envelope in the genre of jewelry designs. And hence although pearls are some of the most timeless jewels we keep it a point to create it with silver and innovate it as much as possible.

So what are the SilverShine  pearl earrings collections?

Let’s begin!

Pearl Drop Earrings

Some of the most exotic pearl drop earrings you might have ever come across are sold on the SilverShine web-store. No more of those old ancient pearl drop earring designs where you have a singleton pearl dropping under your earlobe. I mean we’ve all had enough of those haven’t we?
SilverShine brings designs from artists from some of the deepest parts of India where art is different, unique and absolutely untouched and uninfluenced.  And because our artists are from the most different and the deepest parts of India our community shoppers inherit their diversity in a singleton collection in pearl earrings and pearl drop earrings.

Pearl Stud Earrings

Why the most mundane designs now you might ask? Well, we have just one thing to say, there is no one out there that is selling pearl stud earrings combined with pure 925 sterling silver right now. We truly don’t know what the reason is as we’d truly appreciate some competition here as our community shoppers love them to an extent that they are almost never in stock. We try our best to create unique pearl stud earrings in the most minute ways and we appreciate competition since we understand that nothing pushes one like competition, and at the end its our community shoppers that will get the best pearl stud earrings.

Pearl hoop earrings

So this is a new trend that we realised with our competitors and we decided to create  slightly different kind of pearl hoop earrings, where we considered concentric hoop circles to add a little more grace and structure to our pearl hoop earrings.
The designs that we have are 100% genuine and unique and if for any reason you find a similar design out there it must be purely co-incidental. But that is a near rarity and will almost never happen. We combine pure sterling silver along with pearl hoop earrings to give them look that is absolutely flawless.
REMINDER: All our pure silver used in the pearl earrings is rhodium plated. This means that you need not worry about the silver in your pearl earrings turning black, since rhodium is a shiny white noble metal which does not interact with the elements of the atmosphere under normal air conditions unlike silver. So this means that you can wear them on a daily basis at your office without the slightest worries of it turning dark instead of storing them in moisture free boxes.

Pearl Bridal Earrings and Pearl Wedding Earrings

The idea that these pearl bridal earrings and pearl wedding earrings are incredibly cheap is what makes them by and large a big shocker. These pearl earrings look marvellous with little pearl marvels on them to give them a quotient of elegance that simply can’t be replicated. We have had several shoppers say to us that it is because of our pearl bridal earrings and pearl weddings earrings that their wedding went amazing and that they could actually spend more on other things since they didn’t have to spend much on their pearl bridal earrings and pearl wedding earrings which they had decided that they’’d wear when they were as little as 10.
So let’s address the question!
Why SilverShine?
SilverShine selects some of the most quixotic pearl designs ever found by creating some of the largest collections across the world. Seriously our jewelry collections are mammoth sized. We have managed to replace entire bazaars that are how large and diverse our collections are.
We take nearly 2 months to bring about new collections. The reason for this long gap is the sheer size and process in order to justify the word “exclusivity” for our pearl earrings collections
First the earrings are selected by selectors  by screening through 1000s of designs on a daily basis. The selected designs are then compiled into a draft and then handed over the fashion experts that rank each design in the draft from 1 to 5. Any earrings that scores under 4 is immediately discarded. At this stages any kind of design flaws are also understood to avoid wasting time.
Finally a series of quality tests are undertaken on the remaining designs for their durability, scratchability and skin-friendliness. The surviving jewels are uploaded onto the portal and made available to the beautiful shoppers online.
This exactly how SilverShine attains true exclusivity and justifies why it claims so!