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Fancy Hoop Earrings – An Era Re-defined

Hoop earrings have remained a part of our society from centuries ago. The first ever designs came from the Arboriginal Australians that were one of the first civilized humans thousands of years ago. They wore hoop earrings made from objects like shredded leaves and animal teeth. They wore these earrings to identify their clan members and communicate with them with the gestures and sounds that they had deemed as communication. This was what slowly evolved into widespread languages. It took us centuries to make it to where we are today. Against all odds humans created ways of communications that ended up becoming so sophisticated that we didn’t need hoop earrings for us to identify someone anymore. We have id cards for those today.

So what do you think what happened to the hoop earrings then?

Well they continued to stick around since it is human nature to never let any of its creations and innovations die out. And hence the hoop earrings stuck around as earrings to wear as fashion for men and women. Hoop earrings went on to becoming some of the most fanciest style of earrings that existed. It was pretty obvious that they’d become a timeless style when they have existed for this long. It became a customary to wear hoop earrings for occasions in several cultures in various parts of the world.

Its the 21st century today, and as much as the women had an entire phase of a patriarchal oppression phase in the 20th Century, where they were pretty much directed by the men to choose and wear precious metal hoop earrings, that hasn’t remained the same anymore. The women of today are far more independent and for women empowerment than they ever were, I mean its 2019, what more do I say?

SilverShine has always supported this movement and has brought about some of the most classic hoop earrings, may it be fancy hoop earrings in sizes of small hoop earrings and large hoop earrings.

SilverShine understands that women do not need precious metal earrings today. They are far more ambitious and goal-oriented and have today left most men behind with their endeavours and abilities to strive and turn their goals into a reality. Fancy hoop earrings help them get through the day without caring much about them. Unlike precious metal earrings, fancy hoop earrings do not remind the wearer of its constant existence. Even if one loses their fancy hoop earrings they since they are so cheap they are nothing to regret about and one could easily replace them within a short span of time.

What makes SilverShine unique?
It’s simple, empathy. SilverShine has always enjoyed problem solving. Every item or category on our web-store including the fancy hoop earrings are there since they solve a problem. Fancy hoop earrings for us solve problems for those that are looking for slightly larger earrings at an affordable price. The hoops become fillers and since it is a thin ring like design it doesn’t require much material to create hence the price remains low. We try our best to provide innovations in these timeless designs. For SilverShine, thinking does not cost, innovation might cost a little but planning it well brings the cost of innovative hoop earrings down. Some faces are larger than others. Small hoop earrings for the larger faces and large hoop earrings for the smaller faces are meant to solve aesthetic problems.

SilverShine likes to function while stepping into the shoes of its community shoppers and exactly knowing why they need what they need.
It gives us a sense of relief each time we receive feedbacks like, “hey thanks to you guys I was able to wear a unique fancy hoop earrings to my cousin’s wedding without actually taking time out to especially go and buy one.” – Tracy Underwood.

Packaging and Safety
As soon as we confirm an order with you it is taken from the inventory and carefully packaged in a clean and tidy environment to avoid contaminants. They are then prepared to be shipped within 24 hours. SilverShine is proud of its policy to ship its orders that are once confirmed within 24 hours. This guarantee give’s it an edge of quick delivery as compared to most of its industry competitors.

So what happens after they are prepared for delivery? Well, they are taken away to be delivered by the UPS man! Yay! Yes! United Parcel Service (UPS) is whom we have collaborated with for you and us both to stay care-free for the safe delivery of your precious hoop earrings and other orders. With more than a million deliveries under their belt each day, we truly believe that this was the only partnership that would give us both the relief that we deserve. We need not worry for the hoop earrings would certainly make it to you in a timely, safe and accurate manner.

It ends there right? With delivery...
Nope! We don’t just simply abandon our community shoppers once they have received their orders. A 30 Days return policy is what we provide to our lovely shoppers. Its this policy that we are truly proud of. Our 30 days return policy allows you to shop care-free. It is a request to kindly note that we do not do any refunds and if you require an exchange or need to return the jewels that you bought in any case we do provide a refund as credit points into your SilverShine account which you could use to purchase any item whatsoever from our web-store. Its large, trust me you’d like something or the other. For further information on our return policy, please kindly read the “Return Policy” in the footer of our website.

Happy Shopping!