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Gold plated necklaces – A revolutionary jewel re-designed!

The young women and girls of today are certainly far more ambitious they ever were. Ofcourse not all men are to blame for it, but certainly a patriarchal society for long suppressed women’s dreams and desires and manipulated them into thinking that their place in the society was beneath men, since men were the only ones who’d be the bread winners of the house.
Today it is a completely different picture obviously because the women of today dream big, bigger than most men. They not only dream big but have the capability to achieve those big dreams without many resources to begin with. They are independent today and are far more goal and career oriented than that of most men.
A girl dreams to not just have an excellent career but to live her life to the fullest. To wed at the right time with the right guy are dreams that she has seeded since childhood. But it can so happen sometimes that maybe she is not that well off to afford precious metal necklaces made of gold while it is her age to get married. Or maybe she decides to finance her own wedding without taking money from her parents so that that money helps them in their times of retirement and old age.

Here’s where gold plated necklaces come into the picture. Gold plated necklaces are one of the most unique and useful products that could’ve been ever thought to be made in the jewellery industry.

Budget weddings like the one that I mentioned before truly need the support of these gold plated necklaces. They highlight about these necklaces is that one simply cannot make out the difference between a gold plated necklace with that of a necklace made from precious gold. The better the quality of the gold plated necklace the longer it lasts.

How is SilverShine different?
SilverShine has hustled to create a one of a kind process to bring true meaning to the words “exclusive gold plated necklaces”. The hustle consists of a process inspired by the Overlords of Asguard! Its okay even if you don’t relate to it, just keep reading.

The process begins with a team that consists of selection officers. These officers navigate and scan through a several hundred gold plated necklace designs on a daily basis. They have one job and that is to be good at understanding aesthetics and hand pick some of the best designs made available by our artisans. They are instructed to then create a stripped down version known as the rough draft which is then passed onto the fashion checker team. The fashion checker team ironically does not play checkers but instead has a very important role of approving each item for its fashion value as per what the ongoing market trends are. If any designs of gold plated necklace does not meet set standards they are then and there discarded and completely banished from the list (just like the Overlords of Asgaurd). This narrowed down draft then experience a set of some of the most difficult tests gold plated necklaces have every gone through.

These include the durability or the strength test where the gold plated necklaces are literally mauled over to check their peak strengths. The second test involves checking the level of scratchability of different kinds of materials on the gold plated necklaces. These gold plated necklaces are obvious coated with a metal and even made with metal which obviously means they can be scratched. But this test highlights points and places on a gold plated necklace that could be scratchable more than average.

Finally after conducting a skin-friendly test the final list of the surviving gold plated necklaces is made available to our shoppers to choose from. As we said, SilverShine truly justifies whenever it says that we only provide exclusive gold plated necklaces. Imagine that this entire process does not affect a dollar on the price as we have created standards that we truly believe even our counterparts must follow.

SilverShine Community!
Our ever-growing community appreciates the efforts that we undertake to give them a truly exclusive and genuine gold plated necklace for a price that is as close to its actual value as possible. It is these small things that our community has shared with us as feedback and fuelled us to continue working with the same principles and systems. We truly realize that we completely cease to exist without support and love of our shopping community that has made us achieve milestone success to the point that the strength of this community is allowing us (a team of few individuals) to go up against giants that have been in this industry for decades and for this we are truly grateful.

Gold plated necklaces – What happens after I check out of my cart?
You receive an automated message of your confirmation of the ‘x’ names and ‘y’ number of items that you have placed an order on. Following this the SilverShine team process guides the teams to immediately take the items from the inventory and subsequently package them in a clean environment to avoid any contaminants and prepare them for shipping. SilverShine has a policy of shipping your gold plated necklaces or any other item within 24 hours of your order confirmation. Keep reading to understand more about shipping and delivery details.

How will my gold plated necklace be delivered?
Ofcourse, we just couldn’t shy away and cut corners on delivery, because infact this is what completes the circle to a certain extent. SilverShine believes that you must be the first one to come in contact with your gold plated necklaces and for this it has joined hands with UPS (United Parcel Service), the veteran delivery agency of the USA to keep our customers and us both completely stress free towards a timely, safe and accurate delivery.