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Free size rings – AProblem Solved!

If you are first time buyer, you may not have noticed but the loyal customers of SilverShine community certainly know that we have always emphasised at solving existing problems of our community shoppers. Every sub category or broad category on our store was created and collections have been made available to our shoppers with only one intention, i.e. to solve existing problems.

We understand that it can sound strange that we are intending to solve problems of our shoppers using our jewelry, but that is exactly what we are doing. Let’s consider the free size rings for a second. So why have we created a separate sub-category of free size rings on our portal?

SilverShine has always tried to push the envelope in the genre of fashion jewelry and free size rings is certainly one of its biggest evidences. Our aim towards becoming a global jewelry company is what fuels us to solve problems. Most of our products and sub-categories are extremely unique only to SilverShine as these are especially created to solve problems of its community.

As I mentioned we are consider free size rings here, this particular product turned out to become a breakthrough item on our web-store when it was first introduced.

How did free size rings come into being?

SilverShine always had the intention to remain a virtual company without bricks and mortar. Lets say you need a ring, you visit a physical store, you try on your ring size. Sometimes you don’t find the right fit for the one that you like, and other times you did find your choice. But SilverShine understood that they were a virtual web-store which meant this would conclude to some of their shoppers being skeptical about their rings sizes inspite of all the measurements being mention on our web-store and inspite of a method being mentioned on our web-store as to how to get your right ring size.

Well as SilverShine grew, this cluster of shoppers that were size skeptics grew more and SilverShine decided to serve them as well, because it was always disappointing to receive feedbacks from people that had odd sizes or at times their sizes weren’t in stock. Entered, free size rings to completely resolve this issue once and for all.

Free size rings turned out to be a completely jaw-dropping product when it was first introduced. It wasn’t only a shocker for our customers but also for SilverShine. Our first collection of free size rings were bought not only by skeptics but even by those that had ordered pre-sized rings earlier. SilverShine had understood one thing that they needed to create free size rings without any design compromises. This turned all the semantics of our rings upside down, and the entire free size rings collections just washed off our shelves as soon as it was introduced. We were shocked and unquestionably had to re-stock the free size rings again. To our surprise it happened again, and we truly understood that our designs of free size rings truly didn’t compromise anything on design and yet gave our online shoppers the facility to wear rings without thinking of which size of ring to order.

Snug Hinges
The free size rings are made from the highest quality materials that are easily available. They are silver plated to keep the prices low and affordable. With crystals like American diamonds and natural solitaires, the free size rings are made from solid hinges that do not break in the toughest scenarios.

These free size rings just like our other jewelry collections undergo stringent trend and quality tests.
The quality test is a series of 3 tests that the free size rings undergo. These test the durability and strength of the hinges of the free size rings. The scratch test includes testing the free size rings using the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness and finally testing it for the safety for human skin.

The free size rings especially undergo a different kind of test which relates to the number of times the hinge in the ring can be contracted and relaxed. This tests the hinges durability and gives us an idea of its life.

This is exactly how SilverShine ends up providing a truly exclusive free size ring on its web-store and that exactly what sets SilverShine apart from other web-stores in the industry.

What makes the SilverShine web-store convenient?

Well if you’re asking about our website’s user interface, then basically the web-store is extremely easy to navigate throughout. The user-interface is very user-friendly as it has been developed by experience developers that know and understand web-stores, and especially jewelry web-stores.

The search bar is well optimized for you to be able to find your most specific items. In any case if you’ve used different keywords, just check out our deeply but easy categorized product like that will certainly take you exactly where you might find your specific need may it be free size rings or something else.

If you aren’t on the web-store to hunt just for free size rings are here just to check out our collections, the user-interface enables that too.
What differentiates SilverShine
2 very important things:
  • We have a phone number mentioned in the footer of our web-store where you can ask one of our experts to guide you to find the right kind of free size rings or any other jewelry based on an occasion or clothing.
  • We entertain an open dialogue with our shopping community and always appreciate a phone call that speaks about anything new that you’d want to see on our web-store. These are the kinds of conversations that the SilverShine community loves to make. How else do you think the free size rings came into being in the first place?