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Fancy pendant sets – A Designer Collection!

I am sure you’re not really that interested in reading this, and even if you are, then probably you want to read something interesting here. I have been the content writer for SilverShine since its inception and I can tell you a hundred different interesting stories about all that happens in SilverShine but maybe that just bores you. So instead let me tell you a story about my life and its connection with SilverShine and their fancy pendant sets.

So this story begins two years ago when I fell in love with this amazing girl. You know how sometimes souls just connect where the number of similarities that you have has forgotten the count. It was my first day with this girl and I had requested my boss if I could have just one fancy pendant set for her on basis that the amount of it would be deducted from my pay. Being with them since its inception put me in their good books and he ended up giving me to two pairs of fancy pendant sets on off chance she didn’t like one. That was really very considerate of him. I went for the date and ended up showing her both of them saying she has an option and well who knew she’d like both of them. And I obviously wanted her to have both of them. On that note the date ended, we kissed and departed. The next day I returned to my office and my sir asked me how my date went by and which fancy pendant set did she like? I ofcourse answered what happened and how she ended up loving both the pairs of fancy pendant sets and I ended up giving her both of them. It was in that moment that I knew that I had screwed up since I could see his weird little smile. But soon he burst into laughter, and I and my sir had a surreal moment where he said that’s exactly what happened with him and his wife. He too ended giving her both the fancy pendant sets and they got married. Before going onto the day, he warned me how his choice can be dangerously attractive!

All things aside that day I knew that SilverShine truly had some of the most elegant fancy pendant sets that made people feel loved and cared for, and that brought people closer.  I suppose there is certainly more to than what meets the eye, but giving your date a fancy pendant set bought from our SilverShine webstore is not going to hurt your pockets. The fancy pendant sets are exclusively priced very competitively maybe because thats how my sir got his wife *wink wink*. Nevertheless once you place an order they’ll be packaged and delivered by the amazing people of UPS!