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Earrings go way back thousands of years, when earrings were generally made of bones and other objects. Ofcourse humans have come a long way and its the 21st Century ironically which still has earrings existing. But ofcourse the reason for their existence is entirely different today.

Today girls and women wear fancy earrings only for one thing, and that is a fashion.

There was a phase in the last century when a highly patriarchal system was follow all across the globe. In this phase even the kind of jewelry to be worn was dictated by the men to women. The fact that nothing of this sort exists atleast in the USA today says a lot about how the women have managed to take a stand over patriarchy and have held their ground on equality and feminism.  SilverShine supports these endeavours of the girls and young women in its community. It also understands that gone are the days when young women and girls wore precious metal earrings. Today they do not ask to wear such jewels since they find them a burden more than an accessory. They’d rather wear a cheap and durable fancy gold earring than an earring made of actual gold. The young women and girls of today are not just dreamers but have the capacity to turn their dreams into a reality regardless of what may come in their way. Fancy earrings enable them to freely glide through their day managing several intricate tasks and taking some of the most difficult decisions in the most elegant and effortless manner. The fancy gold earrings are some of the most prized possessions of SilverShine and are proud that they encourage and help the shoppers in making it to their personal goals. The price of the fancy earrings is kept low for a guilt free replacement. Even if the shoppers damage or lose their fancy earrings, unlike precious metal earrings they aren’t wasting their time regretting and feeling upset throughout the day.

The SilverShine Convenience
We all know that there are several web-stores that provide fancy earrings and fancy gold earrings, so how does SilverShine impress its community shoppers a little more? How has SilverShine manage to create a strong strength of growing community shoppers?

I know there are several questions, and all its answers lie in one magical word and that is “empathy”. Here we make it a point to step into several of our shoppers’ shoes and try our level best to understand their concerns on a daily basis. We have always appreciated communication and for this we have a phone number and an email address mentioned in the footer of our website where you could call and speak about anything under the roof of fashion may it be about fancy earrings or anything else.

I know it sounds crazy but our jewelry products solve problems. Every item on our web-store which includes the fancy earrings solves issues of the common community shopper.
Let’s consider fancy earrings and fancy gold earrings for instance! A massive array of more than 200 hundred designs only concentrated on fancy earrings and fancy gold earrings purely handpicked after screening thousands of designs, and then quality testing them for durability and skin-friendliness.

This kind of exclusivity is something that none of our industry competitors provide. Our collections take nearly 2 months to form and always a mammoth sized collection that completely dwarf the collections of our competitors.

SilverShine’s User Interface is Super User-Friendly
The sub-heading seems to have potential to become a tongue-twister.
We have two of the most highly expert website developers that are proficient in testing and developing the web-store at the same time and have brought the web-store to where it is today. They are a part of the SilverShine team and have created a strong userfriendly website that is light weighted and fast and hence can be operated on some of the slowest internet connections like 2G and 3G and ofcourse on the fastest networks like 4G and 5G. This makes the web-store much more universal to use and can be accessed from some of the most remote places where internet exists in the USA.

The web-store has a very deep categorization to find some of your most specific and stylish needs within a matter of seconds. It also enables one to browse and check out the collections in totality and shop like they are walking through a bazaar accept they don’t need to walk amongst a crowd, not drive there by wasting their gas, and not visit a store one by one to see what designs each one has in store.

Packaging and Safety
“So SilverShine! What happens when I confirm and place an order of fancy earrings or fancy gold earrings  on your web-store?”
Well, the first thing that is done is your selections are picked out of our inventory and are packaged in a clean and sterile environment so as to avoid any contaminants to enter the package. We at SilverShine want you to open a daisy fresh box and don’t want you to open a box and put your hands in a dusty box to take your jewelry out.
For the safety of the package inspite of the packaging done by our delivery company, we too package it for a double safety.

Delivering Happiness with fancy earrings

In any case, for delivering any of our fancy earrings we have partnered with none other than UPS (United Parcel Service) the most veteran delivery organisation all across the USA. This relieves both our community shoppers and us for the delivery of fancy earrings and fancy gold earrings in timely, safe and accurate manner.