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A Quick Brief On Sterling Silver Cocktail Rings!

Let’s party!
Are you one of those that likes to party? Then probably you’re one of those who’d enjoy wearing cocktail silver rings.

So what are cocktail rings? 

Cocktail rings are big rings that are generally larger than any normal sized ring. They are made from beautiful shiny and glamorous stones. They are intended to be worn in nightclubs, parties, fashion events, on ramp walks, etc.

Who can pull them off?
Its not like they are larger than the average sized rings it means they don’t fit many. You can always buy a silver cocktail rings in your own size. So there is no doubt that anyone can pull it off. Ofcourse not everyone buy these. People who love robust rings, and have slightly thick fingers are willing and able to pull it off better than most.
Most of them love fashionable items and are attending events that demand such silver cocktail rings
SilverShine received several feedbacks when we asked our community shoppers where they’d like to see cocktail rings on our web-store or not. There were several different feedbacks about them, but eventually after analysing everything we nearly began to observe patterns form. We ended up with 4 main clusters from the patterns and 1 more with partial pressumtion.

  1. Majority of the feedbacks said “yes” they wanted to see cocktail rings on our web-store.
This meant that our community shoppers trusted us enough to insist us to create cocktail rings for them.
  1. Majority of the feedbacks also mentioned that they wanted the cocktail rings to be made in pure silver.
This meant that the interested parties were willing to get the highest quality of materials in cocktail rings that we offered. They were interested in 925 sterling silver and hence wanted pure silver cocktail rings.
  1. Majority of the feedbacks also read that they wanted to get the job done right since most of the designer silver cocktail diamond emerald rings,  aquamarine and  vintage cocktail rings that they have witnessed either on physical stores or virtual web-stores are very goudy.
By this SilverShine understands that only providing high quality of silver is not going to do anything good for the community. SilverShine decided to take it a notch higher and really focused on designs and selected some of the finest designs for the web-store.
  1. Finally a cluster of group also wanted something exquisitely unique.

As soon as we came across this cluster we immediately decided to throw the most cliché design of cocktail rings, i.e. those that have giant gemstones on them completely out of the window. We decided to do things our way.
The above clusters of groups were basically patterns that we observed while analysing these interviews. This made us extremely aware of what we were creating while creating it. It gave us a slight glimpse of how it feels when you are so unaware about several things and you only know those when you actually make an effort to ask.

SilverShine Cocktail rings collection:

SilverShine always one-ups every subsequent collection of theirs and makes it a point to bring characters of SilverShine to the table. The first collection of cocktail rings took about 2 months to completely prepare and make available to our shoppers. It was a washboard Wednesday when our entire inventory that was made available to the shoppers on Tuesday and was completely washed away by our excited shoppers within the next 24 hours. It was crazy when we saw our stocks the next day when nearly all our cocktail rings made from silver / diamond / emerald / aquamarine / vintage materials fly off our shelves.

We restocked and began once again by creating a new collection to give our shoppers again a new different batch of cocktail rings. This time we focused on a more SilverShine signature collection where we introduced pearl cocktail rings, diamond cocktail rings of different designs, gold plated cocktail rings and rose gold silver rings.
These were yet again very well appreciated. We found these styles very comfortable not just for our shoppers but for us as well as this new collection gave us our signature look and feel overall on all our cocktail rings. They were all consistent yet unique. Hence we stuck to these strengths because they made us feel that we had a little of us in there too.

Why SilverShine?
Well a question the ages, why us?
We provide exclusive cocktail rings! Umm not enough? Of course not! We wouldn’t buy reading that line. So lets see how SilverShine creates collections!
SilverShine has managed to re-engineer a simple process and bring out the classic systems out. Check check check!

Beginning by selecting some of the most handpicked designs that look absolutely immaculate which would be a result of screening more than a thousand designs on a daily basis. Yes we don’t just simply throw in a mixture of designs. The selected designs are then check by fashion experts and rated from 1-5 for their fashion quotient. Any ring below 4 is completely rejected. The surviving cocktail rings reach a place where our QC (quality check) teams examines every piece for durability, scratchability and whether the rings are safe to wear them on the skin or not.

The rings when finally survive the heat of the QC team, it is only then that it makes it on our portal for our shoppers to choose from. So yes, exclusivity much? I guess yeah!
Generally the popular accessories are reserved only for different formal occasions; namely- engagement, wedding, party, casual and others. Among them cocktail rings are also one kind of ring that are meant for the cocktail parties at which they originally made their appearances. These rings are typically very large in size and comprised of either several smaller stones made up into a design such as an animal or flower or one oversized stone complimented by smaller stones.

Being widely known as SILVER COCKTAIL RINGS, these are composed of semi-precious or synthetic stones that come in an array of shapes and colors all meant to attract attention. As these rings are made of precious stones, they are extremely expensive and hard to find today. These are incredibly beautiful pieces, but they are typically priced above the average consumer's jewelry budget.

But still, if you are looking for a right-sized cocktail ring for you or for someone special then why not browse exclusive cocktail ring collection at Silver Shine Jewels! Here you can Buy Sterling Silver 92.5 Cocktail Ring at most affordable cost that too having striking appearance and make. As there are thousands of rings made of semi-precious or synthetic stones readily available here, you can choose one for yourself or to gift someone special in your life.

Being staying away from the traditional role of being worn only to cocktail parties, the cocktail ring has made a lasting impression on the fashion industry as an accessory that suits any wardrobe. Whether she is going out for a night on the town or shopping at the mall, a woman can instantly add a little glamour to her look simply by slipping a cocktail ring on her finger. So do you think it’s worth a wait to buy one for your lady love?