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Traditional earrings for for all our shoppers

So what tradition are the fashion traditional earrings that we are bringing to you? Before we tell you that, we’d like to tell you that this tradition and its traditional earrings come from a heritage like none other. A heritage that has seen some of the most difficult times in its history and yet withstood slavery, war, and has undeniably retained its individuality. It traditional jewellery although be inspired from different techniques and its designs may be strictly only inspired by Arabic designs, but it has created its own identity, its own designs that stand out. They have done traditional earrings, and they have done them right. Yes, we are speaking about none other than Indian fashion traditional earrings. They are marvellous dazzling danglers, with a detail of intricacy that just brings a light of absolute amazement in a woman’s eyes. Today Indian traditional earrings are known globally around the world for their precision and detailed designs that come from the artists that carry generations of experience that has evolved with time and adapted to changes without losing its identity.

Today’s women are absolute savages when it comes to decide what kind of earrings they’d like to wear. And SilverShine is absolutely supportive of them. Today’s women are forward thinking, critical decision makers, ambitiously capable, and pragmatic spenders. For they simply detest spending money that makes no sense. To any woman that you ask today that if she found an alternative to gold or platinum jewelry that looked as beautiful and that last as long but cost relatively inexpensive, she’d immediately be onboard, because the women of today simply don’t like expensive jewelry. They attend weddings to genuinely enjoy themselves and simply don’t want to be bothered by being cautious while actually having a great time at a wedding. And hence SilverShine is bring a collection of impeccable traditional earrings for the ladies of the 21st century that is not going to hurt her pockets. Our traditional earrings are these quixotic pieces that allow women to barely spend any money and at the same time look speckless at a wedding. They’d anyways rather spend that money on something that gives them a better value than appearance. And SilverShine wants these lovely ladies to not compromise over anything, and sustain their elegance without having to manage savings.

Our Collections
Fashion traditional earrings for weddings are our top most sellers. We are proud of our hand crafted designs making our traditional earrings online a true testament of the finest craftsmanship. Our traditional earrings in gold are nearly indistinguishable from actual gold earrings. Our traditional earrings jhumkas are these delicately designs made of sturdy materials (more on that later). The desi drop earring designs are uniquely exotic, and are simply designs to die for.

Easy Updation
We want the SilverShine community to be able to easily update their fashion to trendy designs, and hence have kept prices as close to its actual value as possible since we care for the fashion enthusiasts in our community, and would want everyone to buy all the pairs that are in their wishlist, instead of thinking on what to spend on and what to compromise.
Selections, Trends, Quality Checks and Packaging:

Our selectors begin with curating thousands of unique designs and handpick some of the most beautiful traditional earrings. The traditional earrings then move onto to trend analysts for their approval if the earrings are voguish enough for our SilverShine community. On the approval of the trend analysts, the traditional earring designs then move on to undergo through two series of tests. These include quality checks for durability, scratchability and safety. Durability and strength tests are performed by nearly abusing the jewelry to understand the extent of wear and tear it can withstand. These traditional earrings for weddings and daily wear are then scratch tested using picks of different minerals to rank the scratchability of the traditional earrings on Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Finally they are tested for human skin. Once they are approved to be skin-friendly only then the traditional earrings are uploaded on our website. For us, this is exclusivity. This means that our ever-growing SilverShine community actually receives a traditional earring design online that is exclusive in its truest sense and is safety tested for our skin.

SilverShine convenience:
Silver shine has launched it’s all new website designs after listening to several feedbacks and having open dialogues with some of its coolest SilverShine customers. Today our convenience is simply that our web-store is immensely user-friendly, and a speedy website which you will fall in love with. You can seamlessly browse through the website like an early morning breeze following you on your early morning walks. The deep categorization and sub categorization of our traditional earrings and our other fashion jewelry are done so that you avoid wasting your time by looking at designs and jewellery that you didn’t ask for. We also do this so that you avoid getting distracted and spend more than you need.
With our easy UI, the most that you’d have to do would be is place an order on traditional earrings online on our website and sit back, relax and stay available for when that UPS man arrives with your precious order.

Door-Step Delivery:
SilverShine offers door step delivery. At SilverShine we believe that you must be the first one to touch your precious jewelry, and hence have collaborated with the most veteran company in all of United States of America, i.e. United Parcel Service (UPS). With UPS, both us, and our customers will have a relaxed mind when it comes to delivering the precious jewelry in a timely, accurate and safe manner.

SilverShine also provides a 30 days return policy, which although we are sure you won’t be needing it, is still existent as a pre-requisite incase you receive a damaged product or are simply not satisfied with what you have received. To read our return policy in detail, kindly refer to the link “Return Policy” in the footer of our website.

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