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Stud earrings – The Niblets of the Jewelry World!

Stud earrings are one of the most oldest and beautiful style of earrings. These are literally thousands of years old when in the ancient times humans wore stud earrings made of different kinds of material objects like animal teeth, small tiny bones, etc.

The thing is how and when did stud earrings come into existence has remained a big mystery but inspite of everything humans have remained very loving towards all of their inventions and hence they simply don’t let any of their inventions perish away. Their inventions either evolve or continue to exist in their same form and stud earrings evolved.

Today we are literally in the 21st Century, at a point from where humanity is most possibly only going to become an interplanetary species. So far ahead in the world we are embracing only scratching the surface of technology but we love our stud earrings and most probably we will carry them to any other planets that we visit. Not necessarily that we carry them from earth but we will certainly take them along with us in the form of fashion accessory that likings of which we will go there and create.

But enough about travelling outside the earth, let’s discuss a little about travelling within the earth. Women and girls love stud earrings not just that even men love stud earrings, and some men even wear them regularly. We all consider accessorizing a little when we travel, and any kind of stud earrings are a great solution to continue travelling in style at the same time not really worry about if something is actually going to bother us. Most women and girls of today nearly detest wearing true gold stud earrings or true diamond stud earrings on a daily basis.
Wearing precious metal gold stud earrings or precious diamond stud earrings on a daily basis can become a real cumbersome job since if the problem would be losing them would mean losing something that is expensive and very valuable monetarily. The women and girls of today do not want true metal earrings since if they are lost or damaged or even scratched it is going to upset them and pretty much ruin their entire day. The women of today are much more accomplished today more than ever. They are far more ambitious and capable that they have left most men behind. Silver gold stud earrings and silver diamond stud earrings encourage them in their endeavours in achieving their goals in an economically and elegantly effortless manner. They give them the confidence without the fears. They do not bother them or become an obstacle in their way unlike.

SilverShine – Stud earrings readdressed!
Shine truly believes in readdressing every style that is old and is pretty common, and while doing so in the process create stud earrings for women that are truly out of the box, in fashion and to say superiorly immaculate.

The various kinds of stud earrings that SilverShine creates in pure 925 sterling silver are diamond stud earrings, gold stud earrings, black stud earrings, pearl stud earrings.
All the above mentioned stud earrings are created in amalgamation with pure 925 sterling silver that is certified by hallmark refineries while being tested in their laboratories undergoing some of the most harshest tests for testing the purity to its core. The diamond stones used depend on the kind of design requirement but are either Solitaire or American diamonds. The gold stud earrings are gold plated and the material underneath is pure 925 sterling silver.

The pure 925 sterling stud earrings for women collections with SilverShine are some of the mightiest and most diverse collections of the world. The exclusivity of the earrings for women with SilverShine is actually justified by following a procedure of practice the end result of which completely dwarfs collections of competitors!

The procedure begins with the selection of the most immaculate designs after scanning through a gallery of nearly a thousand designs on an everyday basis. This conglomerates a draft of beautiful designs that we call “The Frankenstein”. “The Frankenstein” is then handed over to a department that overlooks various kinds of fashion trends and to say bluntly, make a living off of understand fashion trends and studying and predicting where the fashion world is heading towards. These are people that are basically given their compensation for being knowledgeable about fashion. They discard several designs from “The Frankenstein” for not being as fashionable as the SilverShine community and narrows down “The Frankenstein” and creates a “Final Draft”. This final draft before going online segways its way into a multiple calibre tests by different kinds of grading examinations. This brings us to strength and durability tests, where the earrings are nearly mauled to measure their pinnacle strength, the scratchability tests, where 9 mineral picks of different materials are used to scratch the outer surface of the silver stud earrings to check the intensity/depth of the grooves that scar the surface and finally the skin-friendly test where the same variant of the jewelry is worn to check how safe it is to one’s skin.
This is exactly how SilverShine practices a procedure and achieves true exclusivity without the slightest possibility of an amateur product passing through onto our community shoppers to choose from.

Stud Earrings: A Perfect And Subtle Choice For All!

"When it comes to jewelry, even a small piece can make a huge impact."

When you love simple but want to look fashionable, stud women’s earrings are a perfect choice. Possessing the sparkling charm and dazzling beauty required to become a style statement, stud earrings are a woman's best friend for any event.

Some people may think studs are less exciting when comparing to other earrings. However, these cute and petite pieces are classic. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, but on a particular occasion, some looks better than other.

How to Choose Earrings by Occasion
Specific events require specific pieces of jewelry, and the same goes with ensembles. Some studs are designed to match every situation, but others look appropriate for particular occasions or events. Other styles of earrings such as hoop, drop or dangle earrings might be too casual for formal events and not appropriate.

Casual Events

When it comes to casual events, simple studs work like a charm. Pretty and petite Silver Stud Earrings For Women’s are perfect for leaving a lasting impression. Diamonds studs seamlessly match casual outfits but avoid complex settings. Also, pearl studs look flawless in a casual setting, especially when the pearls stand alone.

Formal Events

Studs with elaborate design are appropriate for formal events. These jewelry pieces can make you stand out from the crowd without over doing things. Metal studs with simple designs, on the other hand, may not match formal attire. Jewelry pieces that are made of 925 sterling silver look more appropriate with any gown or outfit that you'll wear to a formal event.

Whether you like to keep things simple or love attention, there is a pair of stud earrings for women out there for you. So find that unique pair to suit your style perfectly.

This brings us to delivery!
So after one of our shoppers has placed an order on the web-store portal their product is taken from the inventory and packaged in a clean environment. This ensures that none of our community shoppers have to plunge their hands inside a dirty dusty box. The package is then prepared to be shipped within the next 24 hours as per the SilverShine guarantee policy.
Our UPS collaboration ensures total reliability on the package being delivered to our shoppers in a timely, safe and accurate way. With more than a million deliveries in a single day, it relieves our customers and us both to stay care-free about the delivery of the package.