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Oxidized earrings for the beautiful shoppers of SilverShine

Fashion Oxidized earrings, once known to be a poor person’s earrings in India, is today a fashion statement of urban India and the world. There was a time when fashion oxidized earrings were  poor man or woman’s earrings, and within their society the ones that owned oxidized earrings were considered to have a steady income.

Over the years the artists of India after exploring the world looked for inspiration within India, and discovered an impeccable earrings style, i.e. oxidized earrings. The urban world tried to understand its roots, and moreover began exploring this untouched realm that was now a new and mighty source of inspiration to the new artists of India. They felt inspired like never before and soon understood that oxidized earrings had much more potential. They began to handcraft designs and experiment with oxidized earrings. Several kinds of designs were made, but nothing stuck, nothing seemed to work. Artists soon began to realise that if we begin to re-engineer oxidized earrings with the urban influence it is going to miserably fail, because the sheer reason that oxidized earrings have survived so long is because of how raw they are and how impenetrable they truly are. The reason they have existed so long is because there has been deep rooted reason as to why they came into existence in the first place. Being a poor man or woman’s earrings, these have been able to survive for so long because that’s what they are. They are the fashion of the poor and middle class people. And if you want to dwell into that realm and start cleaning and polishing it with new creativity and influence received from other countries it is not going to work. And hence you are simply going to have to accept fashion oxidized fashion earrings for what they are and not try to change them.

The only newness that came in fashion oxidized earrings was the exchanged of designs within the states of India, where different designs existed in different states due to different reasons.

Starting from Kashmir, Oxidized earrings there are made from blocks and shapes because they have very temperatures almost year. This implies that they are usually covered with woollen clothes and winter wear. It only makes sense to wear oxidized earrings that are not heavily intricate, and are hence build into solid shapes so that their oxidized earrings don’t get tangled in their woollen clothing.

In the southern region of India there exists smaller sized oxidized earrings, the reason being that the weather there is mostly hot, and small hoopy drop style oxidized earrings are what their culture had come up with since that’s what suited them in such hot sweaty weathers.

While other regions that have weathers that are not on extremes most of the months of the year tend to have intricate designs of oxidized earrings. Some desert states like Rajasthan which are hot, are also extremely cold during nights. Their artistic heritage also influences the style of intricate and detailed oxidized earrings that come from there.

Assam on the other hand is a state that very nature loving and musical. Different kinds of musical instruments, pigeons and leaves are what shape the oxidized jewellery that comes from the Assamese people.

Selections, trends, quality checks and packaging:
SilverShine works like clockwork and if a single step fails the entire curated process fails.
Selectors beging with winnowing through thousands of designs and pick some of the most quixotic patterns. The selections made then undergo a trend test, to analyse if the selected fashion oxidized earrings are trend worthy. Once the trend analysts approve, the oxidized earrings then go through a second series of tests of durability, safety and quality of materials.
The QC (Quality Check) team tests the products for their material legitimacy. For durability they conduct various kinds of tests like drop tests, pull tests, strength tests. They also conduct scratch tests using Moh’s scale of mineral hardness which give them a good idea how scratchable their fashion oxidized earrings are. Finally these earrings are tested for skin safety.
After passing through all these tests the fashion oxidized earrings are uploaded on our then uploaded on our website for our SilverShine community to choose from. This is a reason we call our earrings exclusive. And hence we can say that the customers of SilverShine actually receive some of the most exclusive and safe for use pairs of oxidized silver earrings online.

Door-Step Delivery
We at SilverShine absolutely feel grotesque when a hard working man or woman works through their week and then on their well deserved weekend are stuck in traffic trying to get to a bazaar full of crowded people. After wasting their time in traffic instead of de-stressing on their only weekend, they then go from store to store trying to find the best designs. At SilverShine the only two things that you’d ever have to do would be to place an order from the comfort of your blanket, and stay available when the UPS man arrives. Yes, we have partnered with the most veteran and reliable delivery company UPS so that both you and us stay rest assured that your oxidized earrings will reach you in timely, safe and accurate manner. We also have a 30 days return policy in place. Although we are sure you won’t needing it, nevertheless it exists as a pre-requisite so that if you received a product that didn’t meet your expectations you do have way to get it exchanged. For further information kindly read our “Return Policy” in the footer of our website.