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Fashion gold plated necklace – A Charm of a Woman’s Heart

Necklaces have remained around us from as long as we known. The first ever evidence of a necklace dates back to the Arboriginal Australians nearly 45,000 years ago that were one of the first ever tribes of mankind. In those days necklaces were made of strings from strong leaves and tinder. As a pendant objects like stones, pebbles, teeth, and shells were used to create indicators as clan identifiers.
Ofcourse those kind of things don’t exist today as we have always found the need to create more sophisticated methods due to any kind of disputes or loop holes and better our human world. Realizing this reason necklaces have come to resort to a fashion statement today.
Its twenty nineteen and today the world is completely a different picture altogether. With a long running phase of people going crazy over gold and investing all of their savings into gold, the women of today simply do not demand the same anymore.
After going through the patriarchal phase in a man dominated world, the girls and the young women of today are making their own decisions and are slowly showing us that they are so successful at accomplishing their ambitions that they are today holding a capability to leave most men behind.
The girls and young women of today would rather prefer a fashion gold plated necklace today over a necklace made of precious metals like real gold. They are not asking to be burdened anymore by sticking a piece of precious metal necklace to them the whole day. They’d rather wear a fashion gold plated necklace which enables them to work freely and fly through their day. They’d rather wear a fashion gold plated necklace that gives them the freedom to take the most complicated decisions with an elegance of effortlessness. They want to look absolutely perfect before they leave their homes, and fashion plated gold necklaces make sure that they look on point, but if ever these necklaces could speak they probably be like “Hey, I got your back”, unlike precious metal necklaces made of real gold that turn out to be a regret if lost or damaged while wearing it on a daily basis.

So where does SilverShine come into the picture?

SilverShine provides one of the most massive collections of fashion gold-plated necklaces in the world on the web-store. This mighty collection is so diverse in nature that it is most definitely going to suit most of the attires in your closet. They host fashion gold-plate necklaces that are so cheap that you’d probably end up buying multiple ones for your different needs. The materials although cheap are carefully chosen to create good high quality durable fashion gold-plated necklaces. Materials included are gold-plated brass, pewter or nickel. Sometimes these materials are also used in accordance with other materials like wood, plastic, gemstones, and acrylic. Although we can’t exactly lay down all the materials since they do vary, but if you keep reading you’d know how we exactly manage to create some near amazing fashion gold-plated necklaces, as amazing as the necklace that you find on Dr. Strange.

Wait what?! Are we really solving gifting problems forever?

SilverShine provides a facility to its community keep their shipping and billing addresses separate while ordering their favourite fashion gold-plated necklaces. This makes gifting someone easy as you can now send a fashion gold-plated necklace to anyone in all of India, while still receiving the bill on your personal address. By doing this the fashion gold-plated necklace can be used for gifts, and with the hundreds of endless designs and patterns and new collections coming every season you’d never have to find another web-store or even go to a physical store. The fashion gold-plated necklaces for friends or for mothers or sisters can become like a standard gifting option for lifetime simply because the style won’t be the same ever.
What makes SilverShine stand out?
Other than the fact that we love Marvel movies for the unique costumes and jewelry that they wear, we love listening to our community’s wants. Our collection of fashion gold-plate necklaces takes atleast a couple of months to be compiled because it is that massive and exclusive. One can only ponder right now that pretty much every other web-store says that they’re exclusive. Well, okay then let me explain you how our fashion gold-plate necklaces are actually truly exclusive.
Everything begins from where a massive number of designs and patterns are reviewed on a daily basis by our team of Selectors at SilverShine. They create a draft of fashion gold-plate necklaces just like how you select your favourite ones and place them onto the wishlist everyday haha. This draft of fashion gold-plate necklaces patterns are analysed by the trend analyzing team. This group of experts make a livelihood by staying updated with fashion, can you believe it? Dream job right? But they work very hard and are very competitive at what they do. After their approval on whether each piece of fashion gold-plate necklace being vogue, these pieces then undergo a ruthless series of quality check tests. The test series consists of toughness tests, scratchability tests, and finally to check if the necklaces are safe for human skin.
The toughness test:
Here the fashion gold-plated necklaces are nearly mauled as an exaggerated test to check the pinnacle of their durability.
Scratch test:
The Moh’s scale of Mineral hardness is used to rank the scales of scratches of different materials like
sand particles, dust, metal on the fashion gold-plate necklace.
Skin Test:
This is the final test to always check whether the fashion gold-plate necklaces that you wear or probably gift your mother or sister or friend or girlfriend are made skin-friendly.