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Fashion hard bracelets - Wrist Fashion Re-discovered:

It is almost ironical how fashion bracelets came into existence. After the numerous innovations in a normal bracelet, and for years the hard kada being in existence, the fashion industry was looking for something new. Hence, the fashion hard bracelet designers came up with the fashion hard bracelet.

There were several bracelet enthusiasts that were looking for something robust to wear, which is as sturdy as a simple kada but not that simple after all. They needed something sturdy like a Fashion hard bracelet. These came into being and were worn in parties, at outings, offices since they were so easy to wear and remove.

It generally takes about a minute or two to wear a normal regular bracelet. But one could wear or remove a fashion hard bracelet within a matter of seconds. This intrigued girls and young women especially because the girls and young women of today are always on the go. They are so ambitious and at times far more accomplished than most men. They carry out some of the most difficult decision during the day and make them look super easy, almost deceivingly easy. They don’t want any compromises on their appearance, and an empty wrist to most girls is almost like a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle, it just feels incomplete no matter what. Fashion hard bracelets encourage these goal-oriented ladies to keep hustling, almost telling them,
“Hey, I got your back!”.

Why SilverShine?
SilverShine always most definitely had a vision of problem solving. We released specific products not only because they looked great, but because they solved the problems of our growing community shoppers. The more our community grew the more problems we realized and hence the more problems we aimed to solve. Releasing the fashion hard bracelet s made sense to us to keep our community shoppers on the run. All of our customers are sensible spenders, and don’t like spending on precious metal jewelry. We always try to keep ourselves in the shoes of each person of our community trying to understand problems to its core. This makes us empathetic and creates real time solutions. Fashion hard bracelets brought about a real change in the lives of our girls and young women. They kept them prepared at all times. If they didn’t want to wear the fashion hard bracelet they could just as easily remove it, as easily they had worn it when they needed it. The beautiful colour stones that make our fashion hard bracelets are very light weight, keep reading to find out more about the kinds of material that are used to create these fashion hard bracelets.

What are the fashion hard bracelets made of?

Although we can’t exactly lay down all the materials since they vary depending on the need as there are several materials that are of a good quality and cheap, some of the materials are gold plated or silver plated brass, pewter, or nickel. Sometimes in accordance with the mentioned materials threads, stones, acrylic and plastic may also be used. The threads are high quality tassels that are certainly tangle-resistant and do not entangle easily.

So how did we create and choose the fashion hard bracelet designs?

Here, at SilverShine, we are proud of following a staple process which has work for us for years. We have always managed to create unmatchable collections by sheer hard work and patience. We have always taken our time to bring about new collections, because we bring unique designs, with versatility, and a massive number of fashion hard bracelets every time we bring about a new collection. The SilverShine community has always appreciated this and kept their patience for they have known that the new collections once released will continue to satisfy them for months!

Our Selection experts curate hundreds of designs on a daily basis handpicking only a few. This goes on for weeks until a draft of fashion hard bracelets is passed onto the trend analysts to test for their fashion quotient. Only on their approval the quality check team takes the selected fashion hard bracelets and undertakes quality checks. The quality checks include tests for durability, scratchability, and skin safety. This means our community shoppers get truly exclusive fashion hard bracelets without visiting a physical bazaar and hunting for one.

What is the SilverShine convenience?

Okay all web-stores are convenient because you get to sit at home, relax, browse and order, right?. Umm! We disagree a little bit on that. It isn’t convenient after all if the web-store user-interface isn’t that easy to use, or isn’t fast enough. We take our user-interface very seriously.  Our search bar is well optimized for you to be able to find any specific on our web-store. It is rather simple to navigate through our web-store since if you have come here to shop something specific, then our deeply categorized web-store helps you to find exactly what you want, add it to the cart, check out and exit, without wasting much of your precious time. If you are looking to just browse around with the hopes of finding something good, our web-store enables that too. We have kept our interface simplified, fast and bug free so that you have an extremely smooth experience. We know it is easy to find fashion hard bracelets for you because we have tested our user interface with hundreds of people before going live for our SilverShine community.

Delivering Happiness

Our fashion hard bracelets are delivered in a timely, accurate and safe manner. This is enabled by partnered with the most veteran delivery company in all of the USA. United Parcel Service (UPS) will deliver you your precious fashion hard bracelet orders and any other kinds of jewellery that you order. They millions of deliveries each day under their belt keeps you and us at ease about the safety of the fashion hard bracelets during shipping.