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Fashion adjustable bracelets – A revolutionary product for Women online

Getting the right wrist size can sometimes be complicated for a certain cluster of women due to an odd size number. A upper size maybe a little too look while a size lower maybe too snug to be comfortable. If it were a physical store one can easily try it on a find out. But the convenience of a online store can sometimes come with an opportunity cost.
For this reason SilverShine identified this problem and introduced the fashion adjustable bracelets for its community shoppers. But instead fashion adjustable bracelets became one of the most popular fashion adjustable bracelets accessories on our entire web-store. Our intentions of introducing the fashion adjustable bracelets without any design constraints whatsoever paid off well, as it is was well received by the entirety of the community and not just those that were skeptical about the size while ordering online. The last collection completely blew the items off the shelves within a couple of days.

What makes SilverShine a little different?

SilverShine although is inspired by its competitors with a lot of things works with an intention that is slightly different from others. The small enthusiastic team of SilverShine intends to progress with empathy and the idea of problem solving for its community. The fashion adjustable bracelet was introduced with the same intention. We didn’t want that cluster of people that were hesitant to order due to size issues or size skepticism to feel left out or even feel dissatisfied with what they purchased. That is why when we went our artisans went to the drawing board we insisted on giving an equal priority to the adjustability and the design of the fashion adjustable bracelet so that our shoppers don’t feel that they compromised on design just because they purchased a fashion adjustable bracelet and not a regular one.

It gives us immense joy to solve such problems, as, if it weren’t for the appreciation and love of this ever-growing community we’d pretty much cease to exist. It is because of this community that we’ve been able to achieve milestone success and compete with the giants of this industry.

The SilverShine Convenience Therapy

It is almost therapeutic visiting our web-store. A dark purple and pink combines to give you a soothing experience of an online web-store selling fashion adjustable bracelet and various kinds of fashion jewelry.

We have kept the interface very fast and light to give a high speed bug free browsing. Jewelry like Fashion adjustable bracelets are easy to find on our portal since all the jewelry on our website is deeply categorized so that you find exactly what you want, add it to cart, check out and exit.

Ease of convenience by ordering from, a well optimised web-store, while laying relaxed on your sofa or from the comfort of your black is simply unmatchable.

Sharing from the SilverSine Web-store

Are you confused between two designs of fashion adjustable bracelets? That can happen very easily, especially with the large array of designs on website. Well, just like a standard web-store we provide you with a facility to share that fashion adjustable bracelet over messaging or social media apps to ask your friends or family within your social circles. This helps you relieve confusion, at the same time maybe your friends or family might share with you their experiences with SilverShine if any.

What makes SilverShine collections truly exclusive?

We don’t just say it, we claim exclusivity. May it be fashion adjustable bracelets or any of our products we believe in creating collections that are actually exclusive. What makes them exclusive you ask?

It’s the staple process that we follow that makes our collections absolutely unique from others’. Let’s explain it using the fashion adjustable bracelets.

Beginning with the selection process, several fashion adjustable bracelets are viewed on a daily basis, and only the most beautifully elegant designs are selected. This step remains a continuous daily step. After completing a single draft of these elegant fashion adjustable bracelets they are then trend tested for their fashion element. Any bracelet deviating from the current fashion is considered as edgy and kept on standby to be tested later to consider them for our quirky collections. Whereas the remaining fashion adjustable bracelets undergo a strict routine of quality tests. These involve durability test, scratch test and finally a test for skin safety.

Durability test: This is an exaggerated test where the jewelry is literally manhandled to test its peaks of durability. The tests are noted and the jewelry is approved or rejected according to yard stick standards.

Scratch test: The Moh’s scale of mineral hardness is used to test the scratchability of the fashion adjustable bracelets

Skin safety: Here the jewelry is tested for any sharp edges or points on the fashion adjustable bracelet that may hurt the user, and or materials that may cause skin rashes or otherwise. This is a very important and critical test to SilverShine

At the end of the process the fashion adjustable bracelets that meet our set standards are uploaded on our portal, giving you an honestly exclusive jewelry.
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