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https://www.silvershinejewellery.usFashion engagement rings – For those that want to invest in their Marriage and not the Wedding

For years it has remained a pressure on the grooms to invest 3 months worth of income into a diamond rock. But what if you are content with what you earn and have saved all your life for to have an easy going married life. Would you want to spend it all away in buying a single rock just so you are accepted by people? Well, although it totally depends on your chemistry with your fiancé, this category is certainly not for those that want to buy expensive fashion engagement rings.

Fashion engagement rings is a category especially created that don’t want wait for till they start earning a higher income to buy an expensive fashion engagement rings, or couples that have mutually decided that they’d rather invest in their marriage than their wedding day, that they’d rather invest in having a better and easier life, than spend it all away on a single fashion engagement rings. We have designed fashion engagement rings so beautifully indistinguishable from precious metal rings that you’d probably re-consider after a single glance even if you were one of those numerous people trying save money for  fashion engagement rings.

We understand, we have one life, and if we end up spending enormously on a single ring for a marriage, then what comes after wouldn’t be that much of a shocker. Maybe you could buy a fashion engagement ring from our web-store and have enough money to spare to buy a car or maybe even a new house. Isn’t a fashion engagement ring making your life better? That is obviously upto you to realise the opportunity cost depending on your income but it certainly is a reality that truly exists and SilverShine sells these fashion engagement rings like hot cakes.

Why SilverShine?

SilverShine was established with a single purpose in mind, to bring the jewellery world a little closer. We decided to pursue this with empathy because to us what our community speaks will always matter to us. The passionately driven individuals working with SilverShine truly believe in problem solving. We understand that without our community, we’d just be lonely minions without their Gru. The strong support and appreciation of the SilverShine community, has brought our small and hard working team to a place where they are achieving milestone successes, where they are today fighting the giants and creating collections of fashion engagement rings as solutions and collections that completely crush collections of our industry competitors. We feel humbled especially since the introduction of the fashion engagement rings that we have managed to identify problems of people and create logical and working real time solutions for them.
Call Us
SilverShine believes in an open dialogue and would be delighted to receive a call from you using the below number for any suggestions or fashion discussions. You could use the same number to order fashion engagement rings, our fashion experts will help you and suggest you what designs of fashion engagement rings or any other kind of jewellery on our web-store.
So instead of going out and especially taking the time to visit a jewelry store, fighting traffic on your well deserved weekend you could just sit back, relax and order it from the comfort of your home just by simply visiting our website and finding a collection that a single physical store simply can’t match.

So, wait on what basis do we call ourselves exclusive?

Alright, unlike other online or physical stores we have a staple process that we are proud of. This well curated process helps us achieve what we truly claim, i.e. exclusivity.
The process begins with Selection Specialists (a team of Selectors) that scan through thousands of designs on a daily basis. Since they belong to different states their choices are very varied which means our shoppers get to experience various kinds of designs. But wait, these choices are then tested for trend by the Trend Analysts (a team of individuals that are well versed from what Beyonce wears for her concerts to what Priyanka Chopra wears for her bollywood films). After eliminating several and streamlining the choices to only the most crème selections, these fashion engagement rings then go through a series of quality control tests. These tests will help us better understand quality of the various materials that fashion engagement rings are made and will at the same time help us keep a quality check. Durability test, scratch test, and finally the skin-friendly test comprise of this series of tests. For durability the fashion engagement rings are literally manhandled to a point that no one generally would. This an exaggerated examination and will test the true strength of the fashion engagement rings. The scale of Moh’s mineral hardness is used to conduct the scratch tests. Finally they are tested for their skin-friendly nature. With this we complete our staple process and provide the girls and young women of America truly exclusive fashion engagement rings.

Knock Knock! Its the UPS man!

Yes, that’s right! We have partnered with the most veteran delivery company in all of the USA to make sure your precious fashion engagement rings reach you fast, accurately, and in a safe manner.

Return it if you don’t like. Buy something else!

We are truly proud of our 30 day return policy that allows you to return any product which includes the fashion engagement rings that you don’t like. Its okay, we understand that its possible that sometimes you don’t receive what you expect or inspite of trying our best and packaging it well, you still receive a damaged product. You know, that rarely happens, and hence for those rare occasions we have kept this policy as a pre-requisite so you don’t have to face the problem.
For more information on our return policy please refer to the “Return Policy” in our footer.
Happy Shopping!