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Fashion earrings for the Ladies of the 21st Century

Americans have always felt drawn towards appreciating culture and art. This is the reason people from around the world today live in America because they know that Americans have an extremely big heart and always appreciate a person based on what he/she is and not where he/she comes from or what his/her skin colour is.

There has always been a special place for Indians in American hearts because Indians are extremely popular for art and the kind of works that come from an Indian artist is mesmerizingly beautiful, moreover a quality that simply can’t be matched. Although art is subjective, Indian fashion earrings and other kinds of fashion jewelry from India have had very rich heritage.

Evolution of The Fashion earrings
The designs of Indian fashion earrings have undergone all kinds of evolutions, and have created various kinds of Indian fashion earrings in the process in hundreds of years.

Bali Style Fashion earrings
Bali style fashion earrings came from the early years before the invasion of the Mughal Dynasty. Bali style fashion earrings were mostly small hoop style earrings that were these elegant pieces created from materials like silver or gold-plated brass, pewter or nickel. These materials are easily acquirable as they are cheap and inspite of it one could easily rely on these materials since they are very durable. The reason these materials became popular over the years was simply because they are cheap durable and hence meant to withstand wear and tear and a little over than average abuse.

Oxidized Fashion earrings
The Mughal Dynasty invaded India in the late 1600s. The Mughal women wore jaw-dropping earring designs and without a doubt began to completely transform the outlook that Indian men and women had about fashion earrings in those days. It inspired the Indians of those days, and created beautiful oxidized fashion earrings that were inspired by Arabic designs but were culturally and artistically influenced by Indian men and women. It was very difficult for Indian men and women to acquire their designs but their drive and the want to learn almost pushed them to a point that they were scoring their fashion earrings in order to understand by reverse engineering the process and building their own methods of creating those magnificient pieces. Hence Indian oxidized earrings came into existence, and today the Indian designs are far more appreciable than any other kind of design in the whole world. Globally oxidized earrings have become a trend. A trend that came from the Mughal Dynasty, and then went onto becoming a poor persons fashion earring became a worldwide trend, absolutely unbelievable.

Traditional Fashion earrings
This further gave rise to longer dangler style traditional fashion earrings due to the cultural enthusiasm and grandeur of Indian weddings and festivals. Traditional weddings in India are an absolute marvel and are very well known all around the world. Imagine a wedding consisting of various customs that are divided in a span of 3 days of pure celebrations and rituals. Traditional earrings are some of the most intricately designed earrings in the world, with detail that simply cannot be replicated by amateurs. Jewelry and earrings artists in India take their art very seriously to a point that you will find a sense of discipline and devotion in their art that you may never find in any other jewelry artist’s work.

Several people today buy or even rent traditional fashion earrings online for weddings since they are extremely cheap and affordable and are not as expensive as precious metal fashion earrings. Heavy precious metal fashion earrings like gold or platinum can be very expensive and if one is looking to have an Indian style wedding they can be extremely expensive. One can simply rent or buy cheap gold-plated fashion earrings that are nearly indistinguishable from fashion earrings made from precious metals. With the technological advancements today gold-plated fashion earrings come in even more elaborate designs than actual gold earrings. Since the material is cheap and easily available, one can easily experiment with them and without any hesitance risk longer and more elaborate designs. Experimentation with precious metal jewelry is just not possible since experimentation almost always results in a loss of material, and losing materials like gold and platinum only to see how fashion earrings made of them looks is a gamble of hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Our Collections at SilverShine
Our fashion earrings online and fashion jewelry online is a collection that is absolutely unbeatable. We are very proud since we put out fashion imitation earring collections that are exclusive. You might ask what makes them exclusive. Our trend analysts and selectors work together as a team. Selectors screen through thousands of designs on a daily basis and handpick the best ones, and the trend analysts analyse the selected designs and approve them if they match the ongoing trends and demands of what the SilverShine community expects. The fashion jewelry online undergoes trend tests by analysts and subsequently goes through stringent quality tests where the QC (quality check) team tests the fashion imitation earrings for it being skin-friendly for use and not hazardous to human ears. This means only the most crème collection of fashion earrings of the world are uploaded on our web-store for you to choose from. We truly believe in justifying the term exclusive, and we work hard towards acquiring that status.

Further the variety of designs that we pose is one of the largest in the world. We challenge you to take a couple of seconds and dwell into our user-friendly website, and we are sure that within those few seconds you are sure to fall in love with something that will keep you excited for the rest of the day. Our search bar is well optimized to suit some of your most specific needs. Further our entire fashion jewellery online collection including our fashion earrings collection is deeply categorised to help you easily navigate through what you need in order to avoid wasting your time and avoid unnecessary spending.

SilverShine Team
Our team comprises of individuals from various parts of India and hence you get funky fashion imitation earrings, traditional fashion imitation earrings and other kinds of fashion imitation earrings that are of varied designs, this means you’ll find all kinds of versatile designs to suit different wardrobe needs. Our fashion team constantly indulges in healthy discussions pertaining to fashion which makes us all aware and updated about what’s new in fashion earrings and keeps us stimulated to serve the SilverShine community. SilverShine is proud that inspite of being a brand created by a small team of passionate individuals it has been able to achieve milestone accomplishments that only giants with big investments have been able to attain. We believe discussions about subjects help us better ourselves and give us an insight like none other. We love our community that has help us grow to where we are today, and love it when there is an open dialogue with them too. Please call us if you want us to create something new that we aren’t aware of, or just mail us your feedback on as truly appreciate new ideas.

Packaging and Safety
Once you place an order for your favourite fashion earrings or fashion jewelry online, we carefully package your items in a clean environment to avoid any contaminants. We also believe that you should be the first one to touch your precious fashion earrings for which we have partnered with some of the most veteran delivery companies in order to deliver you your jewelry in a timely, safe and accurate manner.

From our experience from fashion jewelry online in India, we have a 30 days return policy in place. Although we are very confident that you wont be needing it, but it exists regardless as a pre-requisite since there maybe a possibility that you didn’t receive what you expected. For further information on our return policy please kindly refer to “Return Policy” link on the footer of website.
We hope you have an enjoyable experience being a part of the SilverShiine community! Happy Shopping!