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Choker Sets - Necklaces of the Indian Goddesses
Chokers were first realised to have been observed in the early 1500s. The only evidence existent of that is a painting of Anne Boleyn, who was the Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as the second wife of King Henry VIII. She posed in a choker made from of pearls. The significance of the letter “B” pendant that she wore has till date remained a mystery. Choker sets have since then fallen in and out of fashion very often. There was a brief time when they were even linked to professions that were frowned upon. Choker sets have always been at war trying to fight a battle to finally peacefully stay at ease, but more on that later.
After the painting of Anne Boleyn, the next time that choker necklace sets grew very popular was when they were worn by Royals of the Victorian Era. The Victorian era was nothing but the period of Queen Victoria. In Great Britain if Queen Victoria wore it, you can stay rest assured that during her reign when they ruled in India, the female Royals in India wore it. There were no doubts about following her suite. And basically that’s how choker necklace sets came to be known in India. Prior to that no one in India knew what choker sets were. The Mughals never wore chokers. The Mughals were the ones that ruled before the East India Company. They too influenced the jewelry of Indians and inspired them a lot, but choker necklace sets came to India only because of the Victorian Era. The Queen of Jhansi, Rani Lakshmi Bai who was basically one of the strongest warriors and an elitist in the skill of sword fighting was one of our most important woman freedom fighters that inspired women all across our nation to fight and to not sit at home and let only men be a part of the war. Rani Lakshmi Bai who was born in 1835 eventually grew up and appreciated wearing choker sets since they did not disturb her in her practice routines since once she grew up to become a princess she was always insisted to stay accessorized, and choker sets kept her jewellery completely out of the way.
Choker sets have been an important part of the Indian heritage, and today this is the reason why the world loves our choker sets. It may be the design ofcourse, but those that know what history choker sets have been through not just in India but globally, women just want to be a small part of it. Also those that don’t know about all this obviously find them extremely beautiful and princess like.
We are in the 21st Century today where democracy has become an essential part of our society inspite of there being several countries that are still not democratic, but those that are value it more than ever are also growing further along and respecting gender equality more than ever. Women today have also proven that they are far more accomplished than most men today, and that they don’t just assume roles of a caring mother or a loving sister but a dreamer who is flawlessly capable of achieving and turning her dreams into a reality far more than most men.
All this history of Choker sets, how could we not keep them available for our SilverShine community?
Today women don’t want to wear expensive jewelry because they are always running towards their goals. The girls and young women of today have nearly declared that they don’t like wearing expensive jewelry, since it is more of a hindrance than an enabler. Losing or damaging such expensive jewelry and regretting or staying upset for a few hours is just a distraction and deviation from their goals. So even if they go to a wedding, or are attending a festival they need the freedom to be able to dance or just simply enjoy without the burden of having pricey jewelry attached to their body all the time. Choker necklace set today are unbelievably affordable. They enable a girl to carelessly lose them, damage them, and easily replace them with a new one. They enable a girl to buy new ones to stay updated with fashion if that is what she wants. Choker necklace sets don’t just accessorize a girl’s neck, but remove the rope of an expensive jewelry and its possibility of getting damaged. Today choker necklace sets don’t just make a girl feel beautiful, but also liberates her from making heavy expenses towards them but instead invest in having her favourite flavour of ice-cream or maybe treating herself with her favourite spa treatment. You get the point. Why does one need to spend on costly jewelry when that money can be pragmatically spent anywhere else?
SilverShine Loves Their Choker Sets Styles
If you just glance through the collections of our choker necklace sets, I assure you, you’d be surprised to find that they are absolutely indistinguishable from jewelry made from precious metals like gold. Our precious gold plated gold choker sets are these mesmerizingly dreamy choker sets with intricate customary Indian ethnic designs handcrafted by Indian artists that make a living out of it. The choker sets created with combinations between gold plated materials and coloured stones and pearls are so charismatic, that just beware that you might attract some bees if you at a wedding if you know what we mean. The polished white diamond choker sets are these quixotic pieces that you will certainly instantly fall in love with.
We value those customers that are pragmatic spenders, and for this our prices are kept as close the value of the choker sets as possible. Our chimerical designs are priced at unimaginable amounts, that you simply won’t be able to keep them in your wish list.
Trends, Safety and Packaging
The gold choker necklace set and other kinds of choker sets undergo two series of tests. Our selectors begin by handpicking some of the most unique designs. The trend analysts at SilverShine then test if the choker sets are trendy and are worthy for the SilverShine community. Those choker sets then undergo the second test series for quality, durability and safety. After being approved by the QC team for durability and skin-friendly, they are then uploaded on our web-store for you to choose from.
This means that you, a part of our SilverShine community get to choose from choker sets that are absolutely exclusive and safe to wear. Once you place an order on your favourite choker sets, we carefully package them in a clean environment to avoid contaminants and prepare the choker sets to be shipped within the next 24 hours.
The SilverShine Convenience
With our all-new website design that has been created after receiving and analyse all the feedback from our SilverShine community, you can now browse through our choker necklace sets and other categories seamlessly. Unlike other online jewelry web-stores, our choker sets and other categories are deeply categorized to make it easier for you to enter and exit our website without wasting your precious time. Our categorization also enables you to save money, as you enter and exactly reach the designs that you need, and you do not get distracted by other items like a child in a super market.
Door-Step Delivery
The most that our SilverShine community will ever have to do is sit back relax, open their smartphones, place an order for their favour choker set and other items, and stay available for when the delivery man arrives for your priceless pieces. Here at SilverShine we believe we want you to be the first one to touch your choker set jewelry. For this we have partnered with one of the most veteran company in all of the United States of America, i.e. United Parcel Service (UPS). So when that UPS man rings your door bell, you can anticipate your beautifully magnificient choker set has arrived. 
For your convenience we have also provided you with a 30 day return policy, the details of which are mentioned in the footer of our website under the link “Return Policy”. Although we are very sure that you won’t be needing this, it is there nevertheless as a pre-requisite incase you don’t receive the choker necklace set or other items that you expected. Happy Shopping!