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Bali Style Fashion Earrings for our SilverShine shoppers

Today in a world of hustles and competition, the girls and young women of today are giving a pretty clear clarification as to what they don’t want. These ambitious ladies that are not just mothers and sisters but are dreamers and have left most men far behind have made it very clear to us that they don’t want the burdens of expensive earrings stuck to their body. They simply don’t want to wear outrageously gold earrings on a daily basis. They want something that suits and supports the big strides that they are wanting to make. They don’t want any expensive earring that if they lose will just ruin their day simply because it was too valuable to be lost.

SilverShine understands that, and hence a part of our fashion jewellery is the bali style fashion earrings. These bali earrings are easy to handle and are not a burden on one being cautious all the time of their earrings. These bali earrings support the young women and girls of today in their various endeavors making their lives a little simpler, a little easier to travel from place to place, a little easier to look flawlessly elegant on a budget while handling some of the most critical tasks in the day and juggling between office and family, and keeping everyone happy. With a supportive husband it does get far more easier, but the balis style fashion earrings help a lot. Their sturdy and sort of fixed characteristic relieves the girl or the woman and keeps her relaxed at all times without disturbing her much, and without making her aware of their existence all the time. Earrings made of gold are almost like an alarm hitting every two hours saying hey “check me, if I am still here, I might have just fallen somewhere you’d never find me”.

The SilverShine Sensible Spender
We are proud of our ever growing number of community shoppers, because we know that it comprises of some of the most ambitious, beautiful and sensible spenders. They love fashion, and aren’t interested in buying earrings made of precious metals like gold or platinum, because they find them a strain, carrying such expensive earrings. The bali style fashion earrings are far more affordable, look spectacular and are a guilt free solution to any kind of earrings damage or loss. Our shoppers shop some of the most beautiful and minimalistic bali earrings and wear them to their offices on a daily basis. The versatile designs allow them to shop several designs to wear them in rotation. Some shoppers have also purchased larger bali style earrings for them to be worn on weddings. These beautiful intricate long bali style earrings are extremely popular nowadays with a touch of handcrafted designs.

Update your Earrings easily
The mighty collection on our web-store gives our shoppers an opportunity to keep their fashion enthusiasm updated. The affordability allows them to keep updating their jewellery boxes with their bali style fashion earrings which are extremely affordable. The bali style fashion earrings are completing the missing piece of their wardrobe.

SilverShine connects you with your social circles
We understand that our SilverShine shoppers love to ask their friends or family before they actually go for making the final purchase. Hence for this, SilverShine gives you a facility to share any bali earring designs with your friends, and allow you to ask for their consent. This also allows you to ask your friends if they have had any past experiences with us. We believe in keeping an open dialogue. We have a phone number on our website on which you can easily call our experts and we will help you guide through what kind of bali earrings will suit you!

Selecting Bali earrings, Understanding their Trends, Testing for Quality, and Packaging your Precious Orders
We credit the SilverShine team to continuously serve our community by executing a well-curated process. Beginning from the selectors, viewing nearly a thousand designs every single day, and handpick some of the most epic designs. These are then handed over to the trend analysts that conduct trend tests on all the given bali earrings. On their approval they then undergo strict quality check tests for durability, scratchability, and human safety for skin. Finally they are then uploaded on the portal to make them available to our SilverShine community. This means that the customers of SilverShine receive some of the most exclusive products in the whole wide world.

After you have confirmed your order on your precious bali earrings, they are then packaged by our team in a sterile environment without any contaminants. Here at SilverShine we believe that we want you to be the first person that touches your bali earrings. For this we have partnered with the most veteran delivery partner in all of the USA. UPS (United Parcel Service) has more than 15 million deliveries on a daily basis. This number completely relaxes our customers as well as us to assure us for a timely, safe and accurate delivery.

The SilverShine Touch
Our website is created while keeping in mind hundreds of feedbacks of our beloved community shoppers. The user friendly and incredibly fast website makes it easy for our customers to glide through the web-store and find their favourite bali style earrings using the well optimized search bar or the deeply categorized web-store collections.
We challenge you to just take a few couple of seconds and visit our website. The speed and the mammoth collection will end up you finding some really beautiful designs within a matter of only a few seconds that you will certainly fall in love with making you order them as soon as possible. We wish you a happy shopping on our web-store.