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Why Silver Shine

100% certified Jewelry

Every piece you get undergoes a rigorous quality and authenticity test by hallmarked refinery labs. For more information, refer to our footer certificates.

925 Sterling Jewelry

With an aspiration to reach the top, we are one of the best sellers providing the largest silver jewelry collection in the world.

Free shipping over 30

Yes, its true, we ship for free over 30 bucs. For a 100% safe purchase, all our goods are insured by until they reach your hands securely.

Assured delivery within 5 days.

Yes, we are proud to say it, we deliver within 3-5 business days because we don’t want to keep our customers waiting.

24 hours guaranty shipping

We assure a 24 hours shipping guaranty on all our products.

100% Skin-Friendly Jewelry

Yes, our every product is 100% skin-friendly.

Fashion Jewelry

925 Silver Jewelry

Customer Says


Explore a wide range of pure silver fashion jewelry online products adorned with a shiny silver hue that makes it stand out from the rest of the other jewelry sets and pieces. Undoubtedly, these beautiful pieces of Pure Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry have always and will always be a popular choice among women. This has incredibly shot up the demand in the past few decades and will continue to do so in the near future. 

We, at SilverShine have established a benchmark in producing 925 Pure Silver Fashion Jewelry with the utmost elegance and versatility associated with it. These are massively accepted as a more contemporary jewelry option as compared to the traditional, heavy and expensive gold jewelry. Also, the gold jewelry designs get fade-off over a period of time whereas you would come across trendiest designs and patterns with the silver ones. With rhodium plated silver fashion jewelry, it eliminates any possibility of it turning black due to atmospheric interaction. Rhodium is a noble white shiny metal that does not react with elements in the normal atmosphere and stays in its stable form. Although like all other it is susceptible to normal wear and tear. Hence rhodium plated silver fashion jewelry does not form black tarnish due to a rhodium coating, which means your favorite pure silver fashion jewelry online can easily complement with your attire that you opt to wear, may it be on a wedding or an occasion, or may it be with your daily office outfits.


  • Silver Necklaces
  • Silver Earring
  • Silver Ring
  • Silver Bracelet
  • Silver Pendant Set
  • Men’s Silver Fashion Jewelry
Pamper yourself with vogue and versatile looks. Browse through our exclusive designer pure silver fashion jewelry pieces that are available in pure sterling silver. All the pieces range right from plain silver to the silver crafted with colored embellishments as well as other engraved designs.
  • Being a dynamic wearable item, these pieces look strikingly beautiful during the daytime and even at night parties too.
  • Also, these pieces are suitable in all seasons so no need to worry about weather and climate.
  • These jewelry pieces can match up with all kinds of colorful shades- dark or light.
  • If you have donned on light pastel colors or on any bright outfits, the sterling silver fashion jewelry would match up with your look.
Briefly stated, nothing can beat your look in these amazing jewelry pieces and you will look as stunning and amazing as ever! 

Embrace our timeless beauty option- Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry!

SilverShine not only imparts grace and elegance to your persona but also adds sparkle to your outfit. We offer the most outstanding and premium range of Silver Rings, Silver Bracelets, Silver Necklace, Silver Pendant Set, Men's Jewelry, Men's Rings, Men's Chains and many more that will allure you.
  • Enhance your wardrobe collection with the classic addition of silver fashion jewelry, if you’re one that likes to try something new.
  • Opt to wear and style yourself with something that never goes out of style
  • We understand the craze for jewelry is always equal or more at all the ages and so is our collection offers you- the best and timeless beauty.
Whether you are looking for silver fashion jewelry for a traditional occasion or a formal event or your routine use, you are sure to find everything here. Just browse through our different categories and pick the one that suits your personality and occasion. We are one of the reputed online jewelry stores in the USA that also houses an extensive collection of ethnic jewelry, which exudes the cultural touch impeccably. It is advised to opt for your pick from our wide range of exclusive collections, vibrant styles as well as designs to look exclusive and classy. In addition to these, you can even consider offering these jewelry items as gifts to your loved ones.

For a little more insight you could read our informative blog archives and find yourself a little more informed about silver fashion jewelry.

Buy 925 Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry right here!

At Silver Shine, we make sure to match up the expectations and satiate the need of each and every customer with the best silver imitation fashion jewelry online pieces available at our for women and girls. If you wish to buy instantly from our website, we let you go through different types of payment options available that are safe and secure which will carry out payment transactions hassle-free and securely. What’s more is, most of our silver fashion jewelry online come with manufacturer’s warranty! In addition to that, we value the personal views of our valuable customers and so if needed; you can mail your ideas, queries and even suggestions at silvershineusa7174@gmail.com If in case you want to reach us directly, you can reach us at tel +1 (845) 807 92 15 Further, if you wish to place your query from our “Contact Us” section, we ensure you that you will not be left unanswered and will soon be attended by our professional designers or store managers from our end with a positive note! Also, find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, follow and connect with us there. We also stay communicated there and appreciate your comments and DMs on social media as well.

Imitation Fashion Imitation Jewelry

You may not be entirely aware of a product that although exists in the US but isn’t much known to us Americans. I’m sure if you’re a girl reading this you might’ve come across a situation where you have had to sacrifice on things to buy silver jewelry either for your wedding or for anyone else’s wedding. Or probably you’re compelled to save up some money before you invest in good fashion jewelry that is safe for your skin, is trendy, and suits most of your attires so that you don’t have to keep on buying different jewelry for different attires. We understand that since we have girls working at SilverShine and some of their stories are truly heart-warming. We know it can get frustrating. This was why we decided to re-discover silver imitation jewelry for the US and give them a choice that is not only safe for the skin, but you can keep buying as many as you want because of their price. Imitation fashion jewelry is our latest and greatest addition to our all-new designed website. We know that you need it. Our imitation jewelry has no hidden secrets. Its made of good solid durable materials that can last you a lifetime depending on your wear and tear. Most of our imitation fashion jewelry collection is made from an amalgamation of silver-plated brass, and gold-plated nickel or pewter. It will be difficult to put into words as to what our collection is made of since they sometimes are also created with the mentioned alloys and incorporated with safely polished wood or acrylic.

But we assure you that all our items go through two kinds of tests before they reach you. One is the quality check, where items are put through tests of scratches and strength for the imitation jewelry and safety tests like sharp jewelry which may cause injury and skin-friendly tests for its users. The second kind of test series includes a trend test, where our fashion trend analysts screen through thousands of designs and handpick only a handful of the most vogue designs. This simply means you are receiving a safe & trendy silver imitation fashion jewelry assure by SilverShine. Our trend analysts are also from diverse states and have different kinds of tastes in fashion. By incorporating diversity in our staff, you get diverse styles of imitation fashion jewelry online to suit all your different kinds of general or specific needs!

Finally, we challenge and urge you to simply take only a few seconds and sneak into our artificial imitation fashion jewelry for women online. Our online user interface is so accessible, and our collections so diverse and mammoth, that we are sure that within those few seconds you’ll find something that you fall in love with.

Once you have placed your order, our team at SilverShine begins to package your precious imitation fashion jewelry in a clean environment to avoid any contamination. We also want you to be the first person to touch your imitation fashion jewelry and for this, we have partnered with some of the most veteran delivery partners that have more than a million deliveries under their belt for the jewelry to reach you in a timely, safe and accurate manner.

Our 15-day return policy on silver fashion jewelry and imitation jewelry, although we are sure you won’t be needing it, is in place as a pre-requisite just incase what you receive does not look that great in person or your selected size doesn’t fit you perfectly.
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